Specialty Tools

Get the quality and versatility needed to crush your to-dos with CRAFTSMAN®. From fans to specialty tools, CRAFTSMAN® products are built with pride.

Lighting (10 Results)

Browse CRAFTSMAN® corded, cordless and rechargeable lights, including flashlights, spotlights, task lights, lanterns and more at CRAFTSMAN®.

Fans (4 Results)

Direct airflow with a range of workshop fans from CRAFTSMAN®. Featuring powerful cordless options, these fans keep you cool and comfortable on the job.

Grease Guns (6 Results)

Heat Guns (2 Results)

Bring the heat for drying, shaping, shrinking, and paint stripping with top-rated V20* cordless or corded heat guns. Browse heat guns at CRAFTSMAN®.

Drywall (2 Results)

Tackle those tough drywall jobs with tools to make your job easier.  Our dry wall cut out tool, for example, makes tracing electrical boxes and windows easier, whether you are using free hand curve or straight edge methods.