Cut your workload down to size with CRAFTSMAN® saws, available in V20* cordless and corded options. We have the tool you need for the job, whether you’re cutting wood, PVC, tile or more. From large, quick cuts to more delicate detail work, CRAFTSMAN® has you covered.

Circular Saws (6 Results)

CRAFTSMAN® corded and V20* cordless circular saws feature contoured over-molded handles for comfort during extended use and the power you need to cut through wet lumber, plywood and dense hardwoods.

Reciprocating Saws (8 Results)

Corded and V20* cordless reciprocating saws get you through the most demanding demolition and remodeling projects. And our high-performance brushless cordless reciprocating saw requires less maintenance and delivers more power.

Jig Saws (5 Results)

Corded and V20* cordless jig saws and our corded orbital scrolling sabre saw are easily maneuverable, precise cutting tools for use in wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.

Chop Saws (1 Results)

The CRAFTSMAN® 15 amp. 14 in Chop Saw cuts metal, tile, and other hard materials at the jobsite. It's heavy-duty, lightweight, portable, stores easily, and features easy cutting wheel replacement.

Miter Saws (8 Results)

CRAFTSMAN® miter saws are amongst the most trusted stationary miter saws available.

Tile Saws (1 Results)

Tile Saws can be corded or cordless, or table-top or handheld. Browse through our accurate, easy-to-use, and class-leading tile workhorses that are perfect for professional tile setters, remodelers, and any DIYer.

Scroll Saws (2 Results)

CRAFTSMAN Scroll Saw are powerful and versatile tools that are perfect for a variety of  woodworking projects. 

Band Saws (1 Results)

CRAFTSMAN Band Saws are perfect for any woodworker who wants to make precise and accurate cuts. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, CRAFTSMAN has got you covered. 

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